Steel bending machine works Edit 1, worm-type steel bending machine Construction: worm-type steel bending machine are mainly families, motor, transmission, work organization (working disk, insert holder, the holder, shaft, etc.) and control system components. Walking under the chassis equipped with wheels for easy movement. How it works: motor powered by V pulley, Electric Concrete Vibrator for Sale price the latter two on the spur gear and worm reducer rod, disk rotation drive work. Work on the disc are generally 9 shaft hole for inserting the central axis of the central bore, eight holes around the base, each of six holes for inserting stopper axis. To facilitate the move reinforced twice each table also has a feed roller. In operation, according to the curved shape steel, steel square in the center of the disk axis between the working and the corresponding shaped shaft gear inside of the iron shaft. When the working disk rotates, steel iron shaft end is blocked to prevent non-rotatable center axis position unchanged, while the shaft is formed an arc around the central axis of rotation, push the steel bend. Due to specification, as 180 ° hooks, the arc bending diameter steel bars should be not less than 2.5 times the diameter. Therefore, the central axis accordingly made 16 ~ 100mm total of nine kinds of different specifications to meet the needs of bent steel of different diameters. 2, gear steel bending machine Construction: steel bending machine gear consists of several, motor, gear reducer, working mechanism and electrical control system components. It has changed the traditional worm gear, and an increase in the angle of automatic control mechanism and the brake. How it works: gear-type steel bending machine by a motor driven with brake, driving to work the disc rotation. Working bodies left and right seat insert stepless adjustment by hand wheel and different specifications steel cutter machine china supplier of steel and bending. Control angle is the angle preselection with agencies and several different lengths stopper pin mutually achieved. When the bar is bent to a preselected angle, stopper pin touches the limit switch, the motor stop and reverse, back to the place, complete steel bending process. In addition, electrical control system also has a jog, automatic mode, two-way control, instantaneous braking, accident emergency system stop short circuit protection, motor overheating protection features. 3, reinforced bending hoop machine Construction: steel hoop bending machine is suitable for bending stirrups special machinery, bending angle can be adjusted, configured and bending machine similar. How it works: one pair of pulleys and electric motor powered by two teams straight gear, the eccentric disc is rotated. Eccentric disk drive by eccentric hinge two links, each link has articulated a rack, then slide along the rack to reciprocate. Rack and spur gear so that the working disk in a certain angle for reciprocating rotary motion. There are two shaft hole, center-hole central axis, wh-vr petrol driven concrete vibrator and the other jack-lined shaft work tray. When the working disk rotation center axis and forming axes rotate therewith, the same principle of a steel bending machine, steel bending into a desired can stirrups.